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The FPC CONNECTORS, also known as “Flexible Printed Circuit”is normally referred to as “FPC” or “Flexible Circuit” by business insiders. It is widely used in consumer electronic products such as mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, PDAs, LCMs and LCDs. It is flexible, thin and light with high intensity. The FPC connector is made of polyimide or polyester film base materials, creating a functional connector composed of foldable, bendable and highly reliable quality flexible printed circuit. Its characteristics include: 1. Foldability, bendability, windability with ability to move, expand and contract three-dimensionally; 2. Good heat dissipation to reduce actual volume needed effectively for the application of FPC components; 3. High intensity, light, microminiaturization and thinning to achieve integration that connects components to a connecting device. Field of application for FPC connectors: Mobile phones, MP3s, MP4s, digital cameras, notebooks, batteries, hard disks, automobiles, medication, aviation and aerospace, etc. FPC has become an important piece of epoxy copper clad laminate. It uses epoxy copper clad laminate as basic material for better flexibility, and is gradually becoming the main element in the development of epoxy copper clad laminates. Despite being introduced recently, its market holds great promise.
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